META (2019)

As women profess love and devotion for their Spiritual Leader, a new recruit receives a special invitation. 


Written and Directed by Irina Lord;
Cinematography by Bryce Zimmerman;
Starring Ali McDougall and Leah Beaudry; With: Sunny Chen, Eileen Cruz, Allison Layne, Norah Bonsra and Zoë Christie-Dowd.
Music and Sound Design by Alexandre Klinke
Production Design by Julia Schnitman
Casting by Sarah El Bakkouri
Colour by Sam Gilling
Amir El Ezaby - 1AC
Brent Fulton - Gaffer
Joel Cox - Best Boy
Caisha Lea Thompson - Boom Op/Production Sound Mixer

Made with support from Keslow Camera and Cineworks Vancouver.


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